Kilitbahir Castle - 3.2 mi / 5.1 km

Kilitbahir Castle - 3.2 mi / 5.1 km

Kilitbahir Castle - 3.2 mi / 5.1 km

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Kale 1452 Istanbul siege of European states during the Byzantine Empire's help in order to prevent the Fatih Sultan Mehmet, by the Dardanelles Strait's European side, strait's narrowest instead, lawn Castle's built to resist. The fortress was equipped with 30 cannons and was placed within the gun range of the 1,250-meter width of the Bosphorus. The castle was strengthened by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1551 , and Kilitbahir was renewed during the ongoing Cretan War with Venice. It was expanded in the 18th century under the guidance of French officers. III. It was renewed again by Selim during the Napoleonic Wars.

Structure of the castle 

The length of the castle is 220 meters and the width is 120 meters. The walls of the castle have 3 bastions that are almost round. Thus, the castle plan takes on the appearance of a three-leaf clover. Inside, a tall triangular tower has slightly curved walls, which are accessed by 3 stone bridges and this tower is 30 meters high and has 7 floors. There is a second fortification that becomes a lower wall around the castle . The castle was extended to the south with the additional walls and tower (Sarıkule) built during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent .


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