Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park - 1 min walk

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park - 1 min walk

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park - 1 min walk

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The Gallipoli Peninsula Historical Site covers over 33,000 hectares in Gallipoli, Turkey. The park was established in 1973 by the Turkish government and is included in the United Nations list of National Parks and Protected Areas. Gallipoli Peninsula Historical Site is home to memorials, graveyards, and commemorations of events that took place on the peninsula since the First World War.

In honor of over 500,000 soldiers who lost their lives in battle on Gallipoli, the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park was established in 1973. On a mission to remove allied forces from the area, Turkish commander – Mustafa Kemal led Turkish forces into battle and ultimately reigned victorious. In loving memory of the lives lost, the park consists of statues, memorials, and cemeteries. The surrounding area also provides scenic views of the Ariburnu Cliffs coupled with clear waters and beaches.

The Gallipoli Peninsula Historical Site is best known for the battles fought in the First World War. Most notably, the Canakkale Sea and shore battles fought in 1915. Various remnants can still be found at the park, such as building structures and sunken ships. The memorials remember soldiers from Turkey, England, France, Australia, and New Zealand. The Gallipoli peninsula and Gallipoli Campaign are especially significant in Turkish, Australian and New Zealand cultures due to the large percentage of each country’s population who fought/ died during the war.

The park is officially recognised as a historical site. In addition to its historical significance, the park also serves an important cultural significance. Countless archaeological findings have been discovered, many of which date back to 4000 BC. The combination of war history, ancient sites, and astounding scenery, has attracted thousands of visitors every year, making it one of the most famous sites in Turkey.

Because of the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical Site's distinct situation being located near three cultural zones, Anatolia, Balkans, and Aegean, it is isolated from each cultural zone's central area. This makes the park an accessible margin for all surrounding nations. In times of integration or distress, the park serves as a meeting ground for all three cultural zones.



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